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Iran is a four season country with 75 Millions of population. That considered as a pearl of culture and history, located in the Middle-east. This is the safest country in this area. This country with its special natural and Cultural characteristics, is one of the best tourism destinations in the world.

The strength of this journey, is to have a chance of enjoying the Iranian hospitality which makes the joy of journey doubled. In fact, travelling to Iran, the cradle of civilization, with having reach records of history and culture, is travelling in the time tunnel, that makes the travelers be more familiar with the apogee of beauty which is related to culture, Art, Architecture in different historical periods from the pre-history era to the Advent of Islam.

Many of these monuments considered to be unique that are registered as world heritage by UNESCO. Totally 21 monuments and landscape are registered in UNESCO world heritage. A traveler to Iran has the chance to of experiencing every seconds of Iran’s 7000 years.

Various climate situations of Iran’s plateau cause the creation of various Natural views with different types of flora and fauna, that form the real enjoy of Eco-tourism for travelers. Desert peace in central plateau, beside the excitement of wrecked soaring mountains in the north and west of Iran, mysterious jungles and steps of north and North West.


As the second-largest Middle Eastern country and located in north of Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman, neighboring
Tehran, as country’s capital since late 16th century, has grown to become Iran’s largest city, as well as its cultural and economic center, home to approximately one-sixth of Iran’s population. Other Iranian populous cities are Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz and Ahvaz, which are also counted as country’s tourism highlights.

Iran today, attracts many travelers with different goals and interests and it might be one of most gratifying destinations for any tourist.

Formal Name

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIP)

Location, Coastline

Middle East, Bordering Countries are: Afghanistan 936 km, Armenia 35 km, Azerbaijan-proper 432 km, Azerbaijan 179 km, Iraq 1,458 km, Pakistan 909 km, Turkey 499 km, Turkmenistan 992 km, total 5,440 km. 2,440 km along the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf; Iran also borders the Caspian Sea  (740 km)

Area, Geographic Coordinates, Elevation Extremes, Land Use

1.648 Million sq km (slightly larger than Alaska). 32 00 N, 53 00 E. Caspian Sea -28 m, Mount Damavand 5,671 m. Arable land 10%, permanent crops 1%, permanent pastures 27%, forests and woodland 7%, other 55%


GMT 3:30 September 22 to March 21 ——— GMT 4:30 March 22 to September 21

Climate & Terrain

Mostly mountain, arid or semi-arid, subtropical along the Caspian Coast. Rugged, mountainous rim; high, central basin with deserts, mountains; small, discontinuous plains along both coasts

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