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Being diverse and distinct in different regions, almost every meal in Iran is accompanied by bread and/or rice. Obviously each city has its regional cuisine according to locally available ingredients, most of which you will have the opportunity to try in our package tours. Still, read on to find out about the most favorite and easier-to-find Iranian dishes.


Even in a restaurant with a long menu, most main-dish options will be Kabab. Common varieties of which are:%da%a9%d8%a8%d8%a7%d8%a8-%da%a9%d9%88%d8%a8%db%8c%d8%af%d9%87

Kabab Bakhtiari: Lamb chops and chicken
Kabab Koobideh: grind mutton, breadcrumbs and onion ground together. Shishlik: large lamb chunks
Jujeh Kabab: Grilled marinated pieces of chicken
Kabab Bonab: Same as Kubide Kabab (larger in size) made of minced mutton

You probably come across many other of names in your menu however, they are usually a combi- nation of above-mentioned Kebabs, having their basis in these main types.


8a85a53e-b8da-4e78-9fef-868a6032340e Most restaurants serve varieties of Khoresht (meaty stew with vegetables) among which Ghormeh Sabzi

(green mix of diced meat, beans and vegetables),

Gheimeh (consisting of meat, toma- toes, split peas, onion and dried lime), Karafs (means celery in Persian) and Fesenjan

(sauce of Pomegranate juice, walnut, and roast chicken) are Persian classics and the most favorites.

There are also vegetarian dishes made from mashed eggplant such as Mirza Ghassemi or Kashk-e Bademjan.

Another must-be-tried meal in Iran is Dizi (known alternatively as Abgoosht) which is a broth, accompanied by Naan Sangak (kind of bread) with its own art of eating.

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